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    ZW32- 12 outdoor vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is an outdoor power distribution equipment with a rated voltage of 12kV and a three- phase AC 50Hz. It is mainly used for breaking and closing the load current, overload current and short- circuit current in the power system. It is suitable for protection and control in substations and power distribution systems of industrial and mining enterprises, and places where rural power grids operate frequently. The circuit breaker has the characteristics of small size, light weight, anti- condensation, maintenance-free, etc., and can adapt to harsh weather conditions and dirty environments.

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    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Model meaning


    Normal use environment

    ◆Ambient temperature: -409C~+40C; Altitude: 2000m and below;
    ◆The surrounding air can be polluted by dust, smoke, corrosive gas, steam or salt mist, and the pollution level is grade II;
    ◆The wind speed does not exceed 34m/s (equivalent to 700Pa on the cylindrical surface);
    ◆Special conditions of use: The circuit breaker can be used under normal conditions different from those specified above. Please negotiate with us for special requirements.

    The main technical parameters


    Shape and installation dimensions


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